3D Art

The Evil Revolution Studios Logo in Maya


Cherry Blossoms blowing using Maya and Ncloth-
a small project with dynamics- taking a cherry blossom tree in Maya, converting it to paint effects to Maya, then turning the leaves into ncloth and then making adjustments until you get the desired effect-


Bono hanging out in the real world using Maya and Boujou-
Bono, the Evil Revolution Studios cat hanging out in the real world. He might be cool with his glasses, but he forgot his coffee-
This was done using Maya, Boujou, and After Effects for the combination of the renders and special effects


Dynamics project using fluids, shaders and Ncloth in Maya-
This was my final project for dynamics class in Maya. This was based of one of the paintings by Tim Cantor. Although my project far from emulates the actual painting, it was definitely an inspiration to my project- This project consists of particles (water), fluids (clouds, fire), ramp and glass shaders (for the polygons)


Game character animation using Maya starring Bono-
This is my comic character doing a simple walk animation for my maya class. requirements were to model, texture, rig, and animate the character in a 3D world. If only he had his coffee cup-


Bono 3D ambient occlusion in Maya-
An ambient occlusion of my character Bono in Maya


3D rendering of a room-


Rendering of a concept character "Ice Demon"- Created in Maya and Zbrush. Glass shader was used to create the "Ice" costume for the demon-